The online media journal reviewed Seven Sisters recently.  They gave the record 5 stars!... or the equivalent there in. Check it out. Beta Radio is the Wilmington, North Carolina-based duo comprised of Ben Mabry and Brent Holloman. These guys' package first caught our attention because of the interesting photos on the sleeve that show Holloman holding a rifle, preparing to shoot an apple (or maybe seven even) off the top of Mabry's head. Because of these images we initially thought the music on Seven Sisters might be comedy...but we were wrong. Ben and Brent write and record music that is instantaneously real and effective. Unlike many modern recording artists who rely on technology to cover up shortcomings, these fellows craft their music with plenty of tender loving care and acute attention to detail. The songs are recorded using traditional instruments...and the main focus is on vocal melodies and lyrics. available domains . Super smart songs here delivered straight from the heart. And the more you hear them...the better they sound. These guys pretty much hit the target with every single track...but our initial favorites include "Either Way," "Hello Lovely," "Highlight On The Hill" (a truly exceptional track), and "Return To Darden Road." Top pick.