Hey-Oh! If you’ve been following anything related to BR over the past weeks you’ll know that we've finished a new album. Not only that, but the album is here. Today. Right now. And we want you to hear it - like badly.

Colony of Bees, our first full length record in over four years, is available right now on all major digital distributors. Download your copy on iTunesAmazon or order it on vinyl or compact disc right from us. Its also available to stream on Spotify.This record was made in multiple homes, studios and states. Colony of Bees represents the sum of our recording endeavors from the past four years (minus a handful of recordings here and there). We hope you love it.

Right now, we’re planning for future happenings, things, shows, etc. You’re in a good place to hear about all that stuff by being here, but you can also get all kinds of updates on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages. There’s a lot yet to come that we can’t wait to share with you.

love you. BR