Hello all! In between releasing our last album Seven Sisters and now, Brent and I have taken little breaks over the past two years to do other things we were interested in, i.e. release a vinyl record, write some songs for network TV, eat some candy bars, record some Christmas music, have babies, work in our yards, feed our pets, etc., all the while, consistently writing and demoing for another record.  But now - through blood, sweat, and tears, and cheers, and jeers, beers and sears,  (yep, made a brief visit to SEARS dept. store last week for some SAWEEEEET new friday night duds!) we are now in the middle of crafting our next release for you!  We're super excited and hope you are too! Beginning in October, we're recording our first round of new songs.  We've got about 30 songs total that we're demoing, building up, and whittling down, and we think you'll love them!

For Seven Sisters, we had a handful of songs to be recorded in a hometown studio over two weeks, with plans for only a little six song acoustic EP.  That quickly turned into a more involved recording, with return trips to the studio, throw in a few home recordings to the mix and PRESTO, three months later we had what became Seven Sisters!  For this next recording we're doing the same thing, but we're also getting morefriends to help arrange string and horn parts, putting a little more time in what instruments to choose for every song, and who else to add to our little studio crew, and putting generally more time and care into everything about this recording, all for youbecause we love you more than you know!  Thanks for all your love and support these past two and a half years, we can't wait to show you whats next!!!


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