Hi there, Back in July our friend Scott came over to hang and shot a cool live video in our home studio. We chose to play an older song that some aren't as familiar with. The song, The Man Grows, is one of two waltzes that we wrote for the CW Network's show Hart Of Dixie. This version is different than the album version however - it's played in a 4/4 time signature (the album version was written in a 3/4 signature,  a.k.a.  a waltz).

Scott Seibold (the dude who shot and edited this video) splits his time between our hometown of Wilmington and Los Angeles. His projects have been featured in CNN, Denver Post, Time, Discovery, Mashable and Huffington Post. He's a gun for hire so give him all your money and in return you'll get the sweetest video edit of your life -