Hello Friends! Happy Holidays! We hope this letter finds everyone well, and many of you full of turkey, ham, snow cones, corn dogs and pumpkin pie. We've got some big news happening today that we want to share with everyone! As you might know, for the last two years we’ve released two holiday EPs, The Songs the Season Brings and The Songs the Season Brings: Vol. 2 for better or worse, into the far reaches of the Internet. We received very generous feedback about them - and we decided to do it again! Read on!


With hopes of creating something to stand among the greater trios and trifectas of our time - The Hanson Brothers, Paper-Rock-Scissors, Three Bean Salad - Beta Radio presents to you THE SONGS THE SEASON BRINGS: VOL. 3! For a third time this collection of classic and original Christmas songs is here to help you celebrate the holiday season. Recorded at home in the fall of 2013, we hope these songs bring you joy this holiday as you reflect on all you’re thankful for - You survived the Mayan apocalypse from 2012! You got the satisfaction you were looking for in the Breaking Bad series finale! Your health insurance premiums only doubled in price!

During this season of joy, peace and giving – we want to give something to you, totally free. This record is our gift to you! We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! For a limited time, you can get an immediate download by clicking below to go to our Noisetrade page. Just enter your email address and we’ll immediately send a link to you to download the EP!


Just like every year, we hope these songs will keep you company this season as you're shoveling snow, changing light bulbs, eating candy canes, singing carols, buying diapers, running errands, smooching babes, wrapping presents, shaving off that not-so-sexy mustache you grew for "Movember," paying off credit card debt, giving someone the silent treatment, and whatever else the season may bring!

*Don't forget, this offer expires soon so get it now while its free - and if you like it, help spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, etc. Tell a friend to download their own copy too!